Glauco Cambi

jewels sculpture

Thought, technique and art

The encounter between jewel and sculpture is the element that frees the jewel object from its traditional destiny, that of ornament destined to get lost in the flux of fashions and moments. What really delivers the jewel to a more personal use, is that of its most intimate value, of a unique object conceived and executed in all respects as a small wearable sculpture, and as such, it lives by its own laws now completely detached from ornamental object.

The path that leads to the conception of these objects is a personal, intimate path in which shapes and materials, techniques and experimentation are pages of a personal diary that travels parallel to the sculpture; the primary characteristic in the jewel thus understood is the possibility of wearing, of having constant visual contact with something that differs from sculpture only in size but certainly not distant from that world of suggestions and perceptions typical of a work of art.


Glauco Cambi

Jewels and Sculpture

Via Plauto, 10a
Roma – 00193