BRUSH STROKE pendant in silver, yellow gold, titanium and niello with dendritic quartz

‘stonetale’ series

An inclusion of quartz that continues outside the edges of the stone that contains it in the form of niello on silver: opposing lines included in two different materials that dialogue with one another. The separate edges of the oval, held together by the gold pin, form a sort of mouth from which the inclusion appears to have poured.

Niello (from the Latin nigellum meaning black) is a black-coloured metal alloy that contains copper, silver and lead which has been used as an inlay in metal engraving since ancient times. After being engraved with a burin, the surface of the object is filled with this material which, once reaching its melting point (lower than that of the metal around it), solidifies, filling the space.


materials: 925 silver, 18kt gold, titanium and niello
stones: dendritic quartz
crafting time: 15 days *
handmade in the workshop in Via Plauto, Rome, Italy


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