money holders in titanium, silver and yellow gold

Often giving a jewel to a man can prove to be a difficult undertaking: clients come with the idea of ​​giving a jewel as a gift, specifying however that the person who will receive it does not wear one. Hence the idea of ​​sublimating a commonly used and functional object like a money holder into a jewel.

Here are some of the pieces made recently. The basic idea is that of a titanium clip structure, elastic, light and at the same time resistant, customized each time with the addition of a plate with an engraved design that is particularly significant for the person who will receive the jewel: the golden section, an image inspired by Hokusai, the infinity symbol including the favorite number 3 (in this case with the further addition of a plaque on the back bearing the initials of the owner: LP). The patina that remains in the engravings makes the drawings even more immediately readable.


money holder materials “SEZIONE AUREA”: titanium, 925 silver and 18kt yellow gold
money holder materials “ORIENTE”: titanium and 925 silver
money holder materials “INFINITO”: titanium and 925 silver
handmade in our workshop in Via Plauto, Rome, Italy


approx. 24x53 mm

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