POUR OUT pendant in silver and niello with quartz

‘stonetale’ series

The unique inclusion present in the quartz is the spark from which the idea of the pendant springs. The niello workmanship on the bridging element between the stone and the black leather cord seems in fact the source from which the inclusion originates, the unusual stone standing out against the deliberately simple shape of the piece.

Niello (from the Latin nigellum meaning black) is a black-coloured metal alloy that contains copper, silver and lead which has been used as an inlay in metal engraving since ancient times. After being engraved with a burin, the surface of the object is filled with this material which, once reaching its melting point (lower than that of the metal around it), solidifies, filling the space.


materials: 925 silver and niello
stones: quartz
weight: 40.2 g
black leather cord with 925 sterling silver lobster clasp closure
crafting time: 15 days *
handmade in the workshop in Via Plauto, Rome, Italy


length 50 mm; bezel diameter 29 mm

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