SPLIT 1 ring in silver and niello with diamonds

The name of the ring SPLIT derives from its ends: one in the shape of a blade that splits the opposite end into two parts. The two ends are also characterized by different forms of decoration: the first has niello which underlines its shape with its design, the second has a diamond set on each side.

Niello (from the Latin nigellum meaning black) is a black-coloured metal alloy that contains copper, silver and lead which has been used as an inlay in metal engraving since ancient times. After being engraved with a burin, the surface of the object is filled with this material which, once reaching its melting point (lower than that of the metal around it), solidifies, filling the space.


materials: 925 silver and niello
stones: carré-cut diamonds ct 0.09
weight: 8.5 g
crafting time: 8 days *
handmade in our workshop in Via Plauto, Rome, Italy


width of band 13 - 4.3 mm
available in all sizes

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